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This Giveaway ended 7/7/11 at 12:am cst. It got a lot more entries after that time, so if you entered and don’t see your comment below, it’s because you entered after the closing date/time. Congratulations to Morgan whose comment was picked via!

*** This Giveaway is Now Closed *** If you’re reading this blog, chances are, you read other blogs, blog yourself, or both. This means you’re on the computer. A lot. Like me, you try and find ways to make this arrangement a little more comfortable and better for your posture and body alignment. When SmartFish asked if I’d like to [...]

Whether it’s shopping online to avoid the crowds, or turning on a movie for the whole family to enjoy, electronics have become a part of our holidays. We use electronic invites for parties and afterwards we share our photos online. We hunt for holiday recipes online and play Christmas music on the stereo. Yes, electronics make the holidays easier, and [...]

Batteries. “Mom, can you put new batteries in my flashlight?” I hear it constantly. They’re always running low. Between a three year old who never turns anything off and a family of gamers with multiple controllers and remotes, we go through batteries like candy… I have learned: buy rechargeables. And, I usually buy Rayovac because they’re cheaper, work just as [...]

Being a blogger means I spend a lot of time on the computer, and hardly any time actually reading books. This is why, when I do read a book, I want it to be a hard copy that I can hold in my hands… something that takes me away from the computer!! This year I’ve acquired and read two fabulous [...]

Blog conferences. Ah! the very thought makes me giddy. I was very privildged to attend two women’s blogging conferences this spring, and a blogger’s party at Sea World a few weeks ago, but the biggest women’s blogging conference ever? I’m sitting that one out. Soooo many of my friends are at BlogHer this week, and while I’m sure I’m missing [...]