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What is Erica Says About?

Blogging how-to, my favorite music and photos, random ramblings, tech reviews social networking tips and gadget love. Basically, a geeky mind dump of all the things I love and think about.

Still with me? Great, cause I have a treat for you! About once a month I update my newsletter subscribers with a personal note, a couple posts you may have missed and shouldn’t have, and a special post or two I’ve run across while surfing the blogsphere. I may also recommend a product from time to time, but only if I’ve tested and loved it myself!

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Who is Erica?

Erica MuellerWhen describing themselves, most people say something like:

I was raised on a farm, or, I grew up in the city…

Me? I was raised on a computer.

My father is a mechanical engineer. When I was young, he taught computer aided drafting at a local technical college and he often took me with him. I wandered about the computer lab, helped dad by erasing his lessons from the whiteboard, and even got to play around on the computers sometimes.

I clearly remember our first home computer. And nearly every one thereafter. When new machines were added to our collection, or older ones replaced, I set them up. I quickly became the local go-to girl for setting up computers, printers, cameras, and other accessories. By the time my mother opened her office supply company in our small hometown, I was quite the pro, and often offered technical support to our technology customers. In fact, I taught the techs from the phone company how to set up a wireless network for an office building.

All of this has brought me to where I am today, a self-taught graphic designer for both web and print, a WordPress lover and manipulator, freelance writer, blogger, and a social media enthusiast.

My passion is to see even the newest to blogging or the small family business start with a site they can be proud of. While I’m far from a professional when it comes to web design, I enjoy using my talents and experience to help others.

In addition to designing and setting up WordPress powered blogs I provide basic graphic design and photo editing, as well as short-run print services and some photography for local clients.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, wife, entrepreneur, and crafter. I enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband, Ryan, and bringing up our little boys. My hobbies/craft interests include piano, guitar, singing, sign language, paper craft, sewing, and gardening.

I live in Texas and have two boys, ages 5 years and 18 months.

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