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How to Create a Pinterest Worthy Image for Your Blog Post

How to Create and Title Your Blog Post Images for Use on Pinterest

How to Create and Title Your Blog Post Images for Use on Pinterest As Pinterest grows, and more and more people are pinning and repinning inspirational quotes and pretty photos, it’s becoming increasingly important for bloggers to not only have good images in their posts, but images that remind the pinner why they pinned that image in the first place.

Having your post title on your images does a few things:

  • Decreases the chances someone will steal your image to use on their own site.
  • Reminds a pinner why they pinned the image.
  • Increases the probability of the image being re-pinned by another Pinterest user
  • Encourages people to click through to your post from Pinterest

How to Title Your Image for Pinterest

  • Use Your Post Title on the Image (see video below for how-to).
  • Put the description you’d like Pinned with your image in the Description section of the image uploader when you add the image to your post. This will auto-fill the description for the person pinning your image.

How to Use to Add Text to an Image for Your Blog Post
PicMonkey is a free online image editing software. It can do so much and you’ll soon be addicted to playing with your photos. But, for this tutorial, I just want to show you how to add some simple text to an image, and use a transparent overlay to make the text pop!


  1. As someone who really doesn’t do a lot with promoting posts through Pinterest, this is something I am going to bookmark and come back to – because yes, I should be pinning my posts and yes, I’m clueless on how to do it right. Thanks Erica!
    Nikki’s recent brilliance… Dear Barnes and Noble, I’m Breaking Up with YouMy Profile

  2. I’m head over heals in love with Pinterest – and this tip is invaluable – I just posted a blog post with pic on topic of procrastination. I inserted words with Picasa…but can’t wait to try this new tool – thanks Erica!

    • You’re welcome, Caryl! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Picmonkey is made by the same guys who brought us Picnik which was bought by Google and now lives on as part of G+.

  3. One of the things I’ve started to do is this: After I publish a post, I’ll pin it. Then I get the url of the pin and make it the link people go to when they click on the photo.

    I’m not sure if it does any good, but the tiny pin button (you have one similar to mine) seems a little small if someone just wants to click on the gi-normous pix!
    Bon Crowder’s recent brilliance… Why We Use Numbers as LabelsMy Profile

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