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A Geeky Memorial Day – Catchin’ the Deals

Some people fish, camp, and have cookouts. Us, we shop the electronics deals…

Well, actually we have 2 birthdays the same week as Memorial Day, so by the time Monday rolls around we’ve had our share of cook-out food and picnics. And, we’re usually wore out and ready to sleep all day. Going to the store to hunt for deals is actually a very low priority when you know the whole town is out and about.

A weekend trip to Walmart for sandpaper (sanding/staining two rockers) took hubs by the electronics department where he noticed a 32″ Samsung TV on clearance. Best price of the season. Now, we haven’t really been shopping for a TV. In our almost 5 years of marriage we haven’t owned a TV, so he saw the deal, passed it by and only casually mentioned it to me at supper that night. We talked about how I’ve actually been wanting to get the Wii and Wii Fit Plus to workout at home and after sleeping on it we decided… buy the TV and the Wii + Wii Fit.

So, Sunday night I brought home the goods and we set it all up. :-) We played a few Wii Sports games and even our 3 year old got in on the action. He’s learning to Bowl on the Wii and it’s terribly cute!! The hubs spent a few hours this morning playing Prince of Persia, and while he was gone this afternoon and Lil Man was napping I set up the Wii Fit Plus bundle and got to work on my profile. I got in about 25 minutes of exercise and had a blast!

So, we’re now a Wii family. If your family owns a Wii what are your favorite games? I’m especially hoping to find some fun things for the Lil Man.

Reviews of the Wii, Wii Fit, Samsung TV, and some games will be coming soon!


  1. Tomorrow I'm posting a giveaway that is PERFECT for little man. It's educational, fun & it's for the Wii so make sure you enter!!

  2. If you like Tongue-in-cheek pirate stories then the Money Island games for the Wii are really good. Dora likes to watch them too. :-)

  3. Yeah, that's supposed to be Monkey Island. :-P

  4. Will. Be. There. !!! What I really want for him is the Cars racing game, but it's about $50. Anyone out there with a connection at Nintindo/Wii? Would love to give them a review!

  5. We may have to try them next time we visit you! :-) His coordination isn't all that great yet and I'm having a hard time gauging what he'll be able to do.

  6. Hi Erica, I missed out on the Memorial Day Specials due to the overwhelming heat we had here yesterday. I had big plans for Walmart :( The Wii looks fun and the TV is a beauty. I hope the reviews are good. Enjoy!

  7. Great Erica
    keep posting ,,,

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  9. We are loving both the TV and the Wii! We kick back on the couch to watch a movie and it's like, wow! this is what TV is supposed to be like. haha After watching on our little laptop screens for 5 years this is a huge treat!

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